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In his early 20”s Victor seized upon the Buddhist wisdom teachings to make sense of the swirl of forces and feelings. It is every young person’s task to navigate the confusing world, find their place in the “family of things”. Earning his way in the world of the construction trades he spent the next ten years doing retreats and returning to the work-a-day world growing a stronger center to meet and sort out these unconscious drives and build “refuge”. The Canadian Dharma Center community created a 3 year Spiritual Academy with 10 students and with the support of the senior students, he and the others all graduated with the aim to create safe wisdom circles in which others can explore their own deeper selves.

After building his first house in British Columbia a pull to find solace and freedom in wilderness called to him. Mountain hikes and ocean kayaking became the context and wilderness herself the teacher for connection and unfolding. In 2000 while on staff at Insight Meditation Society in Barre Mass., Victor joined and mentored with groups doing 10 day wilderness retreats in the canyons of the southwest.

In Maine he was invited to join with local men in a Lakota sweat lodge. Entering the dark space and learning how to pray, learning how to hold suffering in the heat and sacred container assisted his own drawn out spiritual birth process. Victor made a few trips to be with the tradition leaders in South Dakota and had the good fortune to complete two vision quests conferring on him the honor of carrying a pipe.

Recently, Victor has been studying and using connected breathing techniques to come into the body and the simple joy of existing. This type of breathing work arrived in the US with the Holotripic and Rebirthing pioneers in California in the 60’s. He is beginning to offer Breathwork as a part of teaching meditation. These are historical allies because the Insight meditation practice and the yogic breathing practices co-evolved in India in ancient times before they were brought to the USA over the last 60 years. At present he wants passionately to be with others growing through the limited self view to the larger collective and human wisdom view. This is only done in a gradual, joy-filled and safe manner. This process creates “Kin” or spiritual friends who each hold a piece for each other and for the whole.

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“Of all gifts, the Dharma gift of healing and self unfolding, is the most excellent.” —Buddha