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Infant & Toddler Sign Language

Rebecca Demarest is a licensed Speech Language Pathologist and founder of Happy Babble: Sign Language Lessons for Little Hands. She founded Happy Babble after signing with her daughter and realizing the many benefits of being able to communicate with an infant. She has always been fascinated with how children learn language and decided to share the benefits of signing with infants with other families.

Rebecca earned a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Rochester in American Sign Language & Language Acquisition of Deaf Children and Psychology. She then went on to earn a Master’s in Speech Language Pathology from Northeastern University. She has practiced as a Speech Language Pathologist using sign language as a means of communication for both deaf and hearing children for more than 10 years. Make sure to visit Rebecca’s website for a full list of her classes and events throughout the Capital Region: Happy Babble Sign

Rebecca’s Workshops & Classes

  • Free intro,
  • signing Smart  Class Series

This series provides a playful environment where parents or caregivers and their hearing children learn ASL signs and research-proven Signing Smart Strategies while playing and interacting. Activities include gross motor play, singing and much more! Each week focuses on a new theme such as play time signs, animals, mealtime signs and many more. Play classes are ideal for children 6 to 24 months.

*Materials include: Beginner Parent Handbook, Treasure Chest 1: Toys and Signs DVD and ASL Glossary DVD.

Space is Limited. Registration Required.

Why Learn Infant Sign Language?

Before babies learn to speak they communicate through through body language, gestures, and of course crying.

Since babies are constantly seeking to communicate, finding out how to do so can bring an amazing amount of satisfaction for both of you. So how exactly can you and your baby improve the communication channels between the two of you?

The answer is with the use of sign language. Signs are important in getting a point across and easier for child to express then articulating words in the early years. Some research suggests that baby sign language might give a typically developing child a way to communicate several months earlier than those who only use vocal communication.

“Communicating with your baby is one of the most important thing you can do for your child’s development.” —Rebecca Demarest