Mary Arena, Eden Energy Medicine

Mary Arena, Certified Clinical Practitioner of Eden Energy Medicine, offers private sessions & study groups for those interested in learning how to use Eden Energy medicine in their daily lives so that they can improve their health, benefit their body, and mobilize the powerful partnership of mind and spirit.

Mary has been interested in Alternative Therapies, including energy medicine for over 20 years.  She has studied many different modalities: shamanic healing, homeopathy, equine assisted learning, Cinergy for horses, aromatherapy.

In recent years, she has delved into the world of energy medicine.  Eden Energy Medicine (EEM), developed by Donna Eden, involves balancing the body’s subtle energies for the purposes of restoring vitality, strengthening your mental capacities, and optimizing your health . In 2015, after completing a 2-year foundations program, Mary became an Eden Energy Medicine Certified Practitioner.  She is currently enrolled in the Eden Energy Medicine Clinical Practicum, a yearlong program that helps practitioners to deepen their practice of EEM, under the guidance of an Advanced Practitioner. 

Mary is also an Access Consciousness Bars Practitioner.  She volunteers at Albany Medical Center in the Healing Arts Department and is a student of Healing Touch.  

Learn more about how to use Eden Energy medicine in your daily life for self-care to achieve well-being and optimal performance by contacting Mary at (518) 275-9993

“Subtle energies interact and affect everything & everyone— body, mind and spirit.” —Mary Arena