Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy is a tradition of soft tissue manipulation that has been utilized and transformed over hundreds of years. It has come to encompass many, many modalities (including myofascial work, circulatory work, deep tissue work, craniosacral work, etc.) and each therapist brings their own personality and style to their practice.

A Few Key Benefits:

• Decrease Pain
• Increase Range of Motion
• Aid In Recovery From Accidents, Injuries or Surgeries
• Boost The Body’s Immune System by Increasing Lymph Flow & Circulation
• Help Athletes Prepare For or Recover From Strenuous Work
• Increase Pulmonary Function & Airflow in Those with Breathing Difficulties
• Decrease Anxiety & Stress Hormones in Those with High Blood Pressure
• Reduce Water Retention & Cramping Due To PMS

One of the most extraordinary benefits of a massage therapy session though, is that it may provide solace from the tensions of society, whether real or perceived, and without a doubt, help manage stress – translating into decreased anxiety (depression), enhanced sleep quality, increased energy and concentration, and reduced fatigue.

Massage and Bodywork should be thought of as an investment in your future body.  Seeing the body as a whole in this way can create the circumstances for you to take control over your health and direct your life on the path you intend to.

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Meet Your Massage Therapist

Evan VanDyk, Feldenkrais® & Massage
"When we are aware of ourselves, we can better understand others, serve others and communicate with others." —Evan VanDyk[...]
Experience Peace with Massage
Experience Peace with Massage



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