Feldenkrais Method®

The Feldenkrais Method® is utilized by many who simply enjoy an enhanced quality of body/mind fitness. It also brings benefit to people of all ages including those who are challenged by chronic stress, developmental or degenerative diseases. The lessons offer a simple approach for daily Self-care that provides a foundation for you to embody creative movement solutions. The application of the method has been shown to improve flexibility, balance and coordination and to relieve chronic stress, aches and pains.

Two Complementary Formats of The Feldenkrais Method

Awareness Through Movement®

The verbally guided Awareness through Movement group lessons composed of a series of gentle movements that create immediate improvements in personal awareness, posture, balance, vision and flexibility. There are hundreds of lessons composed of simple & complex movement patterns that relate to many human functions. Each class follows a theme offering you a unique opportunity to cultivate inner awareness that will naturally attune your body/mind and reveal choices that optimize the ease and lightness in everything you do.

Functional Integration®

Functional Integration are private, hands-on sessions that expand our personal development and improve functioning through passive movement and directed touch. Learning and change are achieved through subtle skilled manipulation that supports the nervous system’s ability to self-organize towards more effective a and intelligent action. This gentle approach is recognized for its versatility to meet a wide range of needs, enrich the quality of movement and naturally bring balance to your entire system.

Meet Your Feldenkrais Practitioners®

Evan VanDyk, Feldenkrais® & Massage
"When we are aware of ourselves, we can better understand others, serve others and communicate with others." —Evan VanDyk[...]
Buffy Owens, Feldenkrais®
"I believe that if we are to transform our world, then we must begin with ourselves." —Buffy Owens[...]

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Cindy Overcame Limitations

Initially, I came to Buffy to see if the Feldenkrais method could help me overcome limitations from an injury. I’ve stayed because it offered that and so much more.

As a mother and grandmother, I appreciate how Buffy’s expertise can benefit new parents and children and wish I had known of Feldenkrais when my children were young. Now, at 62, I benefit on many other levels. Each day I find new applications, for example, from gardening, driving, reading, hiking, rolling on the floor to play with my grandchildren to, very importantly, getting up off the floor.

I consider Buffy’s teachings a gift. She has shown me that at any age you can grow with movement.

Feldenkrais Practitioner: Buffy Owens