Interview with Nicole Nelson • Energy Medicine & Leadership Coaching

Interview with Nicole Nelson
Energy Medicine & Leadership Coaching

Today’s interview is with Energy Medicine Practitioner & Energy Coach , Nicole Nelson. Nicole  works with women in management who struggle with losing themselves in their jobs.

Q: What brought you to this work?

Nicole-Nelson-Headshot-1A: I have been in the field of integrative health and leadership development for over fifteen years.

…but I actually started my career in a Fortune 500 leadership development program for sales and marketing after earning a BS of Biology in pre-medical studies. I became passionate about the subject of work life empowerment was because as I watched my all-female departments, and how the women interacted, I noticed certain trends. I saw what stress did to their well-being and their personalities.

I often found myself feeling uncomfortable in my own skin… like I needed to be someone I wasn’t just to get my job done….

I had always been a high achiever but no achievement felt good enough because while I loved helping people and solving problems (in fact, I had always been the “go-to” person who’d fill in the gap when others were dropping the ball…)

I found myself stuck on the hamster wheel of “higher, faster, farther” and sort of lost track of where I was. You can imagine how I felt when I finally realized how I was trying to make life easier for everyone else but, in the meantime, I was struggling…and it  hurt my health.

I became aware that with our busy lives, taking care of ourselves is more important than ever—yet it’s often the last thing on our minds: We have to meet that deadline, use any break time to run errands, accomplish all the items on our list. –And it is so sad because we all KNOW the corrosive impact on our health that stress can have, yet we treat self-care like it’s an “emergency response plan”.

We have normalized discomfort.

We have stopped caring how we feel.

Worse, we almost glorify struggle and pain.

And that was me…I always worked really hard (sometimes too hard) exhaustively pushing myself.

You can imagine how frightening it was for me when doctors couldn’t identify specific causes for my problems. I suffered repeating episodes of difficulties with weight gain, 6 month long sinus infections, heart palpitations, 5 months of severe IBS, allergies and even skin rashes like eczema. But doctors told me I was healthy and young.

Meanwhile, it was like my body just couldn’t keep up with everything I had going on…

I unconsciously tried to make up for low energy levels with sugary snacks and Starbucks but that just landed me in the latest fad diet dealing with low level anxiety problem.

Finally, it took a winter car accident (me colliding with a tractor trailer truck) to effectively wake me up to the trajectory of my life…. and recognize that I had lost myself in my job.

I remember coming home after that accident looking at the blinking lights in my home office saying to myself “ there’s got to be more to life than this, right?”

Fortunately there was!

I took an early retirement and then got certified as an executive coach in Higher Ground Leadership in 2004. To solve my health problems, I chose to think outside the box and I became a certified practitioner Eden Energy Medicine later on.

Now I do this professionally and happier than I ever was…

And here is what I want for you as a result of what I have been through. I want you, like me, to wake up feeling strong, secure and confident that you are on the right path for you…and on the 3% of days that you don’t feel like that, you know right what to do in order to get back in alignment with yourself. I want you, like me, to be freed of those chronic health problems…people think I am 10 years younger today than at the time when I actually was!

Q: What are some of the benefits of Energy Medicine?

A: Energy medicine is a powerful set of practices that bring together the best of Eastern healing disciplines with Western science for cultivating greater health and vitality.

As you learn basic self-care practices from energy medicine, you receive tools to heal illness, increase your daily energy, and access greater joy.

What makes Eden Energy Medicine unique is that it is the only technique that implements energy testing to identify blockages or irregularities to all 9 primary energy systems in the body.

The nine systems include:

• Meridians
• Chakras
• Aura
• Basic Grid
• Celtic Weave
• Five Rhythms
• Triple Warmer
• Radiant Circuits
• The Electrics

For most, the energy anatomy of the body cannot be seen with the naked eye so Eden Energy Medicine proves to be quite satisfying to a client in that she can witness (through energy testing) where a system is irregular, experience a protocol with a practitioner, and then retest to see if the intervention “took”.

While other modalities are very comforting and relaxing, Eden Energy Medicine protocols have a certain specificity that helps both practitioner and client realize, more precisely, where is the breakdown within the energy anatomy of the body. The client walks away with an understanding of what systems are “out” and what to do about it so that she can experience more ease and vitality.

Q: Who do you love to work with?

A: I work with the woman in management who struggles with losing herself in her job.

She is the woman who finds it challenging to keep up with work demands and still have a life. She finds that time at home often feel like a huge rush, with little (or no) energy for “fun time”.

She is the woman who is guilty of trying to make life easier for everyone else, but in the meantime, she is struggling.

I work with women in management who may have noticed lately health issues: weight, anxiety, digestion, skin or allergy problems.

Basically women in management who were like I was, who struggle with losing themselves in their work and are losing their health, home life, or humor in the process.

Q: I love that you specialize in working with women in management and I can imagine that this work extends beyond the individual. How do you see this work impacting the world of business, or the world at large?

A: One of my mentors is a Canadian and former CEO of Manpower, Lance Secretan. Lance teaches people how to be inspiring leaders and he began this work much like Simon Sinek here in New York started teaching organizations to Start With Why and have inspiring reasons for being…because it turns out it is not enough for us humans to just collect a paycheck, grinding it out as we wait for “real life” to begin in retirement.

While the world of business has historically had very motivational leaders, they have had few inspirational ones because the use of intuition in professional settings has be somewhat frowned upon.

–But I see it making a comeback! …and if women do what is necessary to reverse the biochemical effects of fear that they’ve endured for so long, I think they are prime for when it does.

In order for the world to have sustainable economy and to meet the new generations where they are at (the Millenials, for instance are well known for quitting a job if it so much as hints at the possibility of negatively impacting their quality of life), we need to create a new normal. The use of motivational and fear-based tactics to meet a bottom line will need to replaced by inspirational leadership facilitated by energized, engaged and empowered role models

Women In Management EmpowermentQ: What inspires you about this work?

A: Well, to start, I’d like to point out that if you look around the workplace today, you’ll notice three things:

1st: Frequently, women in management are feeling overwhelmed and underappreciated…yet the amount of effort and time we spend at work is increasing.

2nd: Having a satisfying and meaningful life outside of work seems complicated by work itself because it drains our energy.

3rd: The incidence of autoimmune and stress related illnesses are constantly growing.

And It’s not a “big reveal” that stress is no stranger to the workplace. We all can see that employees put in more hours than ever before in an effort to meet consumer demands, or climb the corporate ladder, or just make ends meet.

The thing is that when we don’t manage our body’s reactions to our workloads, coworkers, or bosses, our motivation, engagement, and mental health suffers.  And the topic of disengaged employees is a really hot one for HR departments right now is.

They’ve done research actually.

A Gallup research revealed that only 13% of employees around the world are actively engaged at work… and Carolyn if held a training session say with a table of 10 women and we asked those that feel overwhelmed to stand up, statistics show that nearly 7 of those women would be standing up and 3 of those standing women (more than 26%) are “so disengaged they are likely to spread negativity to others.”

And here is why that information is life changing.

In our modern days society, negativity can manifest in many forms: Symptoms can be physical (nail biting, clumsiness, neck ache); psychological (forgetfulness, rudeness, defensiveness); social (poor hygiene, inadequate boundaries); or spiritual (loss of sense of purpose, unsure of what’s important).

I actually saw this myself in my previous career when I worked in an all female department. One woman was morbidly obese, another suffered chronic and painful eczema, we had one episode of an out-and-out screaming match between managers that ended in a door slam…

While these examples may be on the more dramatic side, I have even seen other evidences of stress affecting personalities and purpose. I have seen plenty of cases of women striving for promotions while they are not sure why they really want it and feeling sort of lost in the process. These women are overwhelmed and have lost connection with their own guiding light.

They stopped trusting themselves.

The most distressing part of these statistics is that “77% companies do not feel they have the right HR skills to address these issues.” 77% !

Q: How can the reader get started right now?

A: The general rule that applies here when you want to overcome feeling overwhelmed, overworked or underappreciated at work is to first come to know that, if you’ve experienced these stresses for 6 months or more, your body has developed certain energetic fields of habit, that chronically upset your optimal functioning.

For those who want to get started now, I invite them to watch this short video I created on How To Deal With Negativity At Work:

Q: What if someone wants to work with you?

A: If women are interested in getting more support and if you came to read this interview with any sort of a heavy heart or feeling overwhelmed in your relationship to work I want you to know that I’m available to support you.

If you are interested in getting more support and if you came to read this interview with any sort of a heavy heart or feeling overwhelmed in your relationship to work I want you to know that I’m available to support you. I often offer free live events for the woman in management.

Click to register now at and invite a friend. For every friend you invite who pre-registers and attends, you will be entered into a $297 gift certificate drawing for a unique Detox Work Stress Package.

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