Experience Peace with Massage

Experiencing Peace with Massage

You’ve decided to try a massage for your back pain, neck pain, jaw pain, shoulder pain, hip pain, or leg pain – you’ve heard it may help with your anxiety, or help you clear your head. You feel like you need a little escape, a little me-time, like you need to care for your body […]

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Interview with Michael Burdick • Shamanism

Today’s interview is with Shaman and Spiritual Coach, Michael Burdick.  Michael has traveled the world studying Shamanism. His practice focuses on integrating mind, body and spirit. Michael performs Reiki and shamanic healing techniques, and teaches breath work and firewalking throughout the Capital Region. You can find out more about Michael by visiting his website at […]

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Evan VanDyk Massage Troy NY

Interview with Evan VanDyk – Feldenkrais & Massage

Interview with Evan VanDyk Feldenkrais® & Massage Therapy Today’s interview is with Massage Therapist and Feldenkrais Practitioner®, Evan VanDyk. Evan is the owner and sole practitioner of Saratoga Awareness.  Evan’s massage sessions are very influenced by the Feldenkrais Method, and weave in a combination of numerous massage modalities to create a direct and effective yet […]

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Interview with Nicole Nelson • Energy Medicine & Leadership Coaching

Interview with Nicole Nelson Energy Medicine & Leadership Coaching Today’s interview is with Energy Medicine Practitioner & Energy Coach , Nicole Nelson. Nicole  works with women in management who struggle with losing themselves in their jobs. Q: What brought you to this work? A: I have been in the field of integrative health and leadership […]

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1 Infused Water

Fruit & Herb Water Infusions

This summer, I am obsessing over Infused Water! Seriously, I can’t seem to get enough and creating combinations has become my subtle palate of the hydration arts. Why Infused Water? You might be asking yourself: Why not just drink fruit juice? The truth is, there are several reasons to infuse. Here are my top four: […]

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Finding Your Freedom

You Are Worth It! Give Yourself 15-minutes a day! Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness are inherent and inalienable rights according to the Declaration of Independence. Let’s embrace our sacred and undeniable rights and claim our rightful inheritance of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. It is time for us to enjoy our lives […]

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