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A Space To Grow is a space where somatic movement educators, meditation & mindfulness mavens, holistic health practitioners, and other supportive professionals come together to support you and your family—mind, body and spirit.

We are a wellness cooperative that houses several like minded businesses who are committed to creating a space where you can enjoy learning, share your experience, discover something new, and know you are welcomed just as you are. Collectively we cultivate and foster partnerships that empower, strengthen and nurture individuals and families in our center, in our care, and in our community.

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Services At A Glance...

Practitioners, Teachers & More...

Buffy Owens, Feldenkrais®
"I believe that if we are to transform our world, then we must begin with ourselves." —Buffy Owens[...]
Evan VanDyk, Feldenkrais® & Massage
"When we are aware of ourselves, we can better understand others, serve others and communicate with others." —Evan VanDyk[...]
Nicole Nelson, Energy Medicine & Coaching
“Happiness is a habit. Cultivate it... at work.”  —Nicole Nelson[...]
Mary Arena, Energy Medicine
“Subtle energies interact and affect everything & everyone— body, mind and spirit.” —Mary Arena[...]
Hal Waite, Somatic Experiencing
"The energy that's aroused from life's encounters, if not released, can leave us in a partial frozen & arrested state."[...]
Simon Burke-Lipiczk, Systema
“There are many paths up Mt. Fuji, but there is only one summit—Love.” -Morihei Ueshiba[...]